Privacy policy

I am David Norman and I operate as a registered sole trader, offering copy-editing and proofreading services to companies, primarily in the UK but also in the EU.

This policy describes how I protect and make use of the information you give me. If you are asked to provide information, it will be used only in the ways stated in this policy.



  • I use cookies only for Google Analytics.
  • I use contact forms to collect minimal personal information.
  • I will not spam you or sell or share your personal data.
  • My site uses HTTPS/SSL security.


How do I use cookies?

A cookie is a small text file placed on your computer’s hard drive to enable my website to identify your computer when you view my website and to record some settings relevant to it. I use cookies only for web analytics via Google Analytics, to see how many people view my site and to understand which pages are popular.

You can change the cookie settings on your web browser to determine how my website uses cookies, although this may affect how my website functions for you.

You can learn more about cookies at All About Cookies.
You can read Google’s privacy statement, as well as how you can request that I remove your information from my analytics data, at Google’s data privacy policies and approach and the data processing terms.


How do I collect personal data?

I collect and store minimal information for the purposes of communicating with you via my Contact form.

I will never sell, trade or share your information to third parties, unless I am required to do so by law.


How do I store your personal data?

The minimal information I collected is stored on the following data servers:
Tsohost. This is my website host. It is password-protected and has SSL-certification (https) to provide additional security. You can see Tsohost’s privacy policy here.
Zoho Mail. This is the password-protected server I use to communicate via email. You can access Zoho’s privacy policy here.
Zoho’s servers are based in the US but are registered with the EU–US Privacy Shield.


How long do I keep your data for?

HMRC requires me to keep records for ‘at least 5 years after the 31 January submission deadline of the relevant tax year’.
Please ask me if you want me to delete or amend your records. As long as I’m complying with the HMRC’s legal requirements, I will action your request immediately.


Contact me

If you have any questions about how I handle your data or requests for modification or removal of you data, please email me at

Last updated: 15 May 2018